The Men

The Men

Sunday, 19 January 2014

* Captain Ernest Walter Patrick Vinden Leach

Captain Ernest Walter Vinden Leach Killed in action 2nd January 1917
According to the 1901 Census of Ireland, Ernest was born in County Dublin, around 1896. He and his parents, along with his four siblings, lived on Garville Road, Rathmines, Dublin.
However, when he died and his father contacted the Ministry of Defense to obtain his son's medals, Ernest Leach senior was then living at 97, Buckingham Road Brighton.

His only brother, Jack, survived the war, married and died in England in 1949.  At the beginning of the 1930s, Ernest's three sisters, Edith, Madeline and Noelle, were all living together, unmarried, in number 64 St Margaret's Rd., Twickenham.  However, by 1936, Edith had left home, Madeline, had presumably married, changing her name to Hall, and only Madeline remained unwed.   They had only three more years to wait before another war would come and steal the peace yet again.
Source: Michelle Burrowes

The Erasmian March 1917 p32
'Captain Leach, who had gained rapid promotion, was mentioned in dispatches in January, but the announcement only appeared in the papers after his death.'

The Weekly Irish Times. Ireland’s Roll of Honour. January 20, 1917. 
The death in action is announced of Captain Leach, who was 20 years of age, was the elder son of Mr and Mrs E W Leach, Prospect House, Milltown, County Dublin. H 10 Hyde Park Corner (Royal Berks) Cemetery, Belgium.
Captain Royal Irish Rifles 3rd Battalion attached to the 2nd Battalion Killed in Action: Age 21
Son of Ernest William and Madelina Isabel Leach, They were listed in the 1911 Census as living on Milltown Road, Rathmines and Rathgar East, Dublin.

Source: Tom Burnell historian.

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