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The Men

Sunday, 19 January 2014

* Lieutenant Ernest Edward Glorney

Lieutenant Ernest Edward Glorney's  family named an educational foundation in his memory: The Ernest Edward Glorney Scholarship in Earth Science & Engineering, which is still funding research today.

On 25th Oct., 1916, as part of his work with the Royal Flying Corps., he was sent to England to bring back a plane to France, but crashed over Ashford, Kent, owing to a wing defect. His commanding officer wrote to his family:  'We were all devoted to your son, a fine pilot and a delightful companion; to lose him like that is a great blow to us all."
Source: De Ruvigny's Roll of Honour

GLORNEY, was born in 1887. He was the youngest son of the late George Glorney and Mrs. Glorney, of Dublin, and was educated in The High School, Dublin. A mining engineer, he graduated from Columbia University, New York, and the Royal School of Mines, South Kensington, and was a member of the Institute of Mines and Metallurgy. He followed his profession in North and South America, South Africa, and Nigeria. At the outbreak of war he held the position of mining engineer and manager of the Renang Tin Mining
Glorney Family Tomb Deansgrange, Blackrock.
Company, Siam, which position he gave up in order to return to England and join the Royal Flying Corps. He received his commission early in 1916 and took rapidly to aviation, his instruction officers pronouncing him to be one of the ablest pilots they had turned out.  He went with his squadron to the front, witnessing the Somme bombardment, but died on a flying mission over England.
Source: Here

'His sister Ethel set up a number of medical foundations, and also established a number of educational scholarships in memory of her late younger brother, Ernest Edward Glorney.

' Edward Glorney, born circa 1887 at 2 Belgrave Park, Rathmines. At the outset of the First World War he joined the Royal Flying Corps and died on the 25th of October 1916. He had graduated from Columbia College New York and the Royal School of Mines South Kensington as a mining engineer. He worked abroad in North and South America and in Nigeria. Prior to joining up, he was working as the manager of the Renang Mining Company in Siam. His sister, Ethel, founded a number of educational scholarships in his name. He is buried in Deangrange Cemetery, South Dublin'.
Plot: SW. Aa-Bb. 75 
Source: Alison Stewart

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