The Men

The Men

Sunday, 19 January 2014

* Major Francis Mortimer Taylor

Major Francis Mortimer Taylor, MC, died 17th March 1919. somewhere on the Russian front  on St Patrick's Day, 17th March, 1919. His father was Sir John G Taylor.  On 29th May, 1919, the London Gazette postumously announced his being awarded the Military Cross:

His Medal Card shows him as Senior Medical Officer Vologda Force NREF (North Russian Expeditionary Force (NREF), 1918–1919),
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"Following the collapse of the Russian war effort in the wake of the Revolution in 1917, the British raised and dispatched a force to Northern Russia, known as the North Russian Expeditionary Force (NREF), under the command of Major General Edmund Ironside. Its purpose was to train a White Russian force in preparation for the creation of a new Eastern Front against the Central Powers, as well as to ensure that large quantities of military supplies shipped there to equip the Russian Army under Tsar Nicholas did not fall into German hands. The NREF numbered 70 officers and 500 enlisted men, and was chosen from men who had volunteered in Britain for "a secret mission and were not told until their ship had left Newcastle where they were headed."[2] The force was broken into two groups—Syren Force (Murmansk) and Elope Force (Archangel)—Murmansk was reached on 24 June 1918, while Elope Force subsequently sailed on to Archangel."  
(Source:  Wikipedia)

Source: Obituary British Medical Journal  7th June, 1919

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