The Men

The Men

Sunday, 19 January 2014

* Second Lieutenant Charles Annesley Kinnear

Charles Annesley Kinnear was one of the youngest High School past pupils to die in World war One.  He was born on 21st January, 1897 and attended The High School from 1910 to 1915.  He was killed in action the following year, on 16th October 1916.  he was just nineteen years old.

Irish Life Magazine:  24 November 1916

Lieutenant Charles Annesley Kinnear, was the elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Kinnear, of Albany House, Ranelagh, and was only 19 years of age when killed in action. Having left the Dublin High School in October, 1915, he entered Trinity College, where he joined the Dublin University Officers’ Training Corps. In the following month he obtained a commission in the Royal Field Artillery, and, after a short training, was sent, in January of the present year, to the front in France, where he saw continuous service until the date of his death.

Taken from 'The Erasmian'. December 1916, p3.
Kinnear Form V, Nov 1912*
'In particular we note with great regret the death in action of 2nd Lieut. C. A. Kinnear, who acted as Honorary Treasurer to this Magazine for the year 1914-15. He joined the R.F.A.(Royal Field Artillery) towards the end of October, 1915, and was sent out to France in the beginning of this year, to the front in France, where he saw continuous service until the date of his death.
'Those waves, in many a fight, have closed above her faithful dead;
That red-cross flag victoriously bath floated o'er their bed;
They perished—this green turf to keep by hostile tread unstained—
These knightly halls inviolate—those churches unprofaned.'

*Photo: Courtesy the Board of Governors of the Schools founded by Erasmus Smith Esq 

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