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The Men

Sunday, 19 January 2014

* Second Lieutenant Donald Lockhart Fletcher

Second Lieutenant Donald Lockhart Fletcher

Second Lieut. Donald Lockhart Fletcher, Leinster Regiment, third son of Mr.George Fletcher, of the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction, was born on July 15, 1897, was educated at Dublin High School and was an undergraduate of Trinity College when he was granted a commission in the 4th Leinster Regiment in May, 1915. A month or two later he had a narrow escape from death in the accident to the Irish mail near Weedon. He went to the Macedonian front in May, 1916, and died on April 28th, 1917, from wounds received in action. Lieutenant Fletcher had previously been mentioned in despatches.

Source: Irish life Magazine: 29 June 1917 (David Power)

Two Sons Killed Almost on the Same Day, The Waterford News - 11th of May 1917, Page 8
Courtesy of The Waterford News


Mr. George Fletcher, assistant secretary to the Department- well known in Waterford, where he periodically inspects the Technical Institute classes-has lost a second son, Sec.-Lieut. D. L. Fletcher, in the war. The poignancy of the loss is intensified by the fact that the announcement of it has followed almost immediately on the intimation of Lieut. Arnold Fletcher. Sec.-Lieut. Donal Lockhart Fletcher, of the Leinster Regt., died of wounds on April 12th at Salonika at the age of 20. He was educated at Dublin High School, entered Dublin University on April 27th, 1914, and joined the army on May 22nd, 1915. His gallant conduct won him mention in despatches.
Source: Ask About Ireland .com Here

Donald Lockhart Fletcher Second Lieutenant Leinster Regiment 4th Battalion, attached to 6th Battalion. 28/04/1917 Age 20. Died Son of George and Henrietta Maria Fletcher, of "Mona," Shankill, County Dublin. Native of Derby. VII. B. 14. Struma Military Cemetery in Greece. (Source: Tom Burnell, war historian)


  1. his sister Constance Fletcher worked with Lady Aberdeen in the War on Consumption campaign 1907-1910.

    She married in 1910 and appears in the 1916 Rebellion Handbook as Constance Heppell-Marr, Assistant County Director of the Dublin Red Cross. One of 5 awarded the Silver Medal for Ambulance Work following the Easter Rising. Later becoming Constance Spry, she was to be the flower arranger at the marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

  2. Thanks for that additional information John. 'Much appreciated.